Chandrababu Naidu’s undisclosed properties list

naidu-37378TDP supremo Chandrababu Naidu has declared his assets & properties and claimed it worth just 41+ crores . Naidu might have forgot his undisclosed properties. Let us remind his properties across globe.

Naidu built a palatial house in Jubilee Hills at a cost of nearly Rs 50 lakh and raised a 300-acre orchard at Ballayapalli, Nellore. The land he bought at Rs 8,000 per acre is today worth almost Rs 400,000 per acre now.

He has a farming venture enterprise in Kuppam spread over nearly 2,000 acres with Israeli technical support . Apart from Hitech city plots, He also has flats in Mumbai, Chennai and Ooty.

Naidu has bought 120 acres in the Hi-Tec City area which worth 6-7 crore per acre. He is also said to have some interests in the construction of a shopping mall in Malaysia and a hotel in Singapore.