Hero Surya 2nd highest paid actor in South India !

Some sites have wrongly mentioned that Surya is the Highest Paid actor of South India !! but the news is completely false, According to actors official blog Surya, He  is next to Rajani Kanth .  It reports as follows…

Surya is now officially the 2nd highest paid actor in South India after Rajinikanth and puts him ahead by a mile with respect to his competitors. Surya’s take home remuneration stands at Rs. 24 Crores that he received for Maatraan (including Telugu Rights). This is at least 10 Crores higher than the nearest competitors such as Ajith and Vijay in that order. Surya’s years of dedication in slowly building his Telugu market since Ghajini has paid rich dividends now. This huge gap in remuneration will be difficult to close by both Ajith and Vijay since they haven’t made much inroads in Telugu Industry, which is the wild card when it comes to BO collections these days.

But , some sites adding their own figures without any proper sources, taking the figures from actors fans site instead of actors own blog, fooling their readers with false news.