Pawan Kalyan answers to media allegations

pawan-kalyan-rey-audio-67326326Pawan Kalyan speech was very pleasant at Rey audio launch , but Pawan has chose this platform to address the recent allegations made by media on his family.

He said, Sai Dharam Teja while pursuing his  MBA came to him expressing his interest to act in films. But I never believe in giving advice to anyone. It should come from within but not as family legacy. Even if we push from back , one cannot achieve the success unless he has interest towards it.

Love and Affection cannot be purchased , one should be sincere from within to keep up the Love & Affection of people. I didn’t recommend Sai Tej for movies, I just guided him to some acting schools in Mumbai.

Speaking about Chowdary, Pawan said, chowdary  has a  stubborn Perseverance which makes him different from others. i don’t know much about him in early days , but came to know during Devdas film. He really carry a strong will to complete the film despite of hurdles . I just gave moral support to Sai Tej and Chowdary and rest all is their hard work, Perseverance, said Pawan Kalyan.

Interestingly when he heard a voice of fan taking Uday kiran’s name ,  Pawan reacted to the allegations made by some film industry people & media that, late Uday Kiran was stabbed by Chiranjeevi family. Pawan Kalyan without pinpointing anyone said, We wish to see new faces in the industry, but  not just  from  mega family alone. This film industry belongs to everyone, Its does not belong few people ,nor a family and especially not of my family. I dont even like to take the name of my family . I wish to see new heroes in the industry. I have also attended Nithin film’s audio function , because he was close to my heart., said Pawan.